Enrichment ProgramEnrichment Program

The ​​​goal of the Joslin Enrichment Program is to facilitate the exchange of research information and discussions among investigators, fellows and students within the Joslin Diabetes Center, as well as with other diabetes-related researchers throughout the Longwood and Boston areas.  The program has multiple components, including:

  1. The Longwood Area Diabetes/Metabolism Research Seminar Series consists of weekly research seminars featuring invited outside experts.  In addition, five named lectures per year are designated to recognize speakers with particularly high-level accomplishments in the diabetes-related scientific community:  The Ray A. and Robert L. Kroc Lecturer, the Alexander Marble Lecturer, the Priscilla White Lecturer, the Michael Brownlee Lecturer, and the C. Ronald Kahn Lecturer.

  2. The Internal Research Seminar Series serves as a weekly platform for faculty investigators, senior postdoctoral research fellows, and graduate students at Joslin to share their ongoing research with others at the Joslin.

  3. The Clinical Seminar Series features external and internal speakers, with a focus on clinical diabetes and obesity-related topics, including clinical care, clinical research, health care delivery, economics, and ethical aspects of clinical care.  In addition, clinical practitioners and investigators interact for case presentations and journal club-style presentations of recent key articles in the diabetes/obesity field.

  4. The Summer Seminar Series is given by DRC Core Directors as well as outside experts to encourage awareness of the services provided by each Core and to introduce new technologies that would enhance the current research at Joslin.

  5. Special seminars are held throughout the year, particularly when scientific colleagues are visiting Joslin collaborators or other scientists in the Boston area.

  6. A two-day off-campus Research Retreat is held every two years to foster interactions and the exchange of ideas among Joslin researchers. 

  7. The Annual Poster Day held at Joslin similarly brings together individuals from lab groups throughout Joslin for informal interactions and data discussion.

  8. The Joslin Summer Research Student Program Lecture Series includes seminars given by Joslin investigators to participant undergraduate and medical students to provide a background of diabetes-related knowledge and familiarize them with diabetes research inside and outside the Joslin.

  9. Every two to three years, Joslin sponsors a major, multiday international symposium.

​During the next cycle, we will continue these extremely successful and popular programs. They have had a major impact at Joslin and in the Longwood and Boston Medical areas over more than thirty years.


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