Bioinformatics Core

​​​Core PI: Simon Kasif, PhD

Core Coordinator: Jonathan Dreyfuss, PhD

Core Bioinformatician: Hui Pan, PhD

The Boston University​ / Joslin Regional Computational (BUJRC) Core supports Joslin and regional diabetes researchers in the design, analysis and biological interpretation of novel experiments involving generation of high-throughput omic data and its integration with clinical data. It also facilitates collaboration between researchers at the Joslin and the extended core of multiple researchers at Boston University, MIT and the I2B2 National Center for Biomedical Computing at Harvard Partners for creating a sustained pipeline of clinically relevant translational and basic diabetes research. A particular emphasis will be made on creating new opportunities to deploy advanced systems biology frameworks and models and integrative genomic, proteomic, metabolomic and imaging analysis. 

Services provided

The Core is available to support Joslin and regional researchers in diabetes-associated fields in the design, analysis, interpretation, publication, and data release of experiments involving all types of high-throughput omic data​ (including microarrays, metabolomics, metagenomics, proteomics, RNA-seq and other types of sequencing) and their integration with each other, and with clinical and physiological data.


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