David Pober Ph.D.

David M. Pober, Ph.D., Associate Director of Biostatistics.  Dr. Pober earned his Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. With the mentorship of Patty Freedson and John Staudenmayer among others, his work focused on improving the accuracy of objective measures of human physical activity through the application of machine learning algorithms. This approach led to a paradigm shift in the field and an explosion of research into the application of these methods.

Following graduate school, Dr. Pober sought out new challenges in the healthcare and private sectors coordinating multi-center clinical trials and developing a formal practice in clinical and non-clinical (translational) biostatistics. He was recruited to the Joslin as the Mary K. Iacocca Visiting Interdisciplinary Faculty Fellow to bring his unique perspective to bear on the search for a cure for Type 1 diabetes, and in this role provided instrumental contributions to successful R-01 and DP-3 submissions.

Dr. Pober leverages his diverse experiences to bring a broad, nuanced perspective to methodological issues in diabetes research in multi-functional research teams. He continues to contribute to the success of grant proposal efforts across the institution and helped to establish the Biostatistics Core consulting service at Joslin. Dr. Pober also engages in a broad range of consulting and collaboration through his work across the wider Harvard Medical School community supported by the Harvard Catalyst (CTSC). His current research focuses on methodological issues and data analysis, as well as the impact of physical activity on outcomes, in diabetes.