Edward Horton M.D.

​The Diabetes Prevention Program/Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study (DPP/DPPOS): Dr. Horton was successful in screening and recruiting a large number of volunteers with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) for this landmark study and have been able to retain over 90% of participants over a period of more than 20 years. Key results of the original DPP study demonstrated that treatment with metformin decreased the development of diabetes in this high risk population by 31% and a program of intensive lifestyle modification (ILS) decreased the development of diabetes by 58%. The long-term follow-up study, the Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study (DPPOS) has been extremely productive and has demonstrated continuing benefits of both metformin and ILS interventions. Dr. Horton now intend to continue to follow this population for an additional 10 years to determine long term effects of metformin and ILS on key outcomes such as long term diabetic complications, CVD, cancer and mortality.

The LookAHEAD Study: Dr. Horton combined forces with Dr. David Nathan's group at the Massachusetts General Hospital and are now functioning as a combined Boston based center for the conduct of this study. Like the DPP/DPPOS, it has been an extremely productive study, despite the fact that the active intervention was stopped early based on a futility analysis by the DSMB. The composite CVD primary endpoint was not reached, largely because the CVD rates in the control group decreased significantly to the same level as seen in the active, ILS group. This was associated with greater use of lipid lowering and antihypertensive medications in the control group. This study is now ongoing as an observational study to determine long term effects of the interventions on other outcomes in this aging diabetic population.​


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