Hillary A. Keenan Ph.D.

Dr. Keenan efforts focus on identifying epidemiological trends and translating these findings into therapies using several approaches with validation in cellular and rodent models in close collaboration with her clinical and basic science colleagues. These findings include the identification and documentation of functional residual beta-cell mass in those with extreme duration type 1 diabetes, and possible fluctuation of these levels and autoantibodies. Dr. Keenan has also examined and reported on the tissue specificity of renal and ophthalmic complications and currently works to identify biomarkers for and therapies which can prevent and/or slow the progression to these diseases. She has extended her work to bone, a significant complication greatly effecting morbidity and mortality in those with type 1 diabetes, in which little progress has been made on therapies particularly in an aged population.


​Office Phone Number: 1-617-309-3421