Om P. Ganda M.D.

Dr. Om Ganda is a senior physician and a clinical research scientist at Joslin Diabetes Center, and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. His research interests include prevention of cardiovascular outcomes in diabetes. Dr. Ganda has been engaged in clinical diabetes research for more than four decades. He was a Co-Investigator in the landmark Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT), completed in 1993. The DCCT demonstrated the importance of glucose control in preventing complications in Type 1 diabetes. Dr. Ganda is now a Co-Investigator of Epidemiology of Diabetes Intervention and Complications (EDIC), an ongoing long-term follow-up study. This study continues to unravel long-term benefits of optimal glucose control. Earlier Dr. Ganda participated in seminal studies in monozygotic twins which established the immunological basis of Type 1 diabetes.

In addition to his clinical research and teaching, Dr. Ganda directs the Lipid Center at Joslin, where he treats patients with complicated situations related to elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. He is also studying why patients with Type 2 diabetes have increased susceptibility to elevated lipid particles and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Ganda is a co-investigator on a clinical trial investing the effects of Omega-3 fatty acids on cardiovascular outcomes. He has also been a Co-Investigator of several clinical trials to identify better ways to treat people who have difficulty with exercise and diet control. The goal is to find better treatments that will control not only cholesterol and triglycerides (as statins do), but also blood pressure and blood glucose.

Dr. Ganda has more than 150 publications including original articles, reviews, and book chapters.


​Office Phone Number: 1-617-309-2508