Qian Li M.D., Ph.D.

​Dr. Li got his M.D. at Shanghai Railway University of China in 1995. After 5 years of residency in Beijing Railway General Hospital of China, he pursued his Ph.D. training at Peking University of China and earned his Ph.D. in 2006. Then he was trained in Dr. Paul Huang's lab at Cardiovascular Research Center of Massachusetts General Hospital for two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow. He investigated the effects of modulation of phosphorylation of eNOS at ser 1179 in endothelial function and outcomes of stroke in diabetic mice. He joined Dr. George King's lab at Joslin Diabetes Center as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2009. Dr.Li was appointed as a Research Associate at Joslin Diabetes Center and an Instructor of Harvard Medical School in 2014. Dr.Li is interested in how diabetes accelerates atherosclerosis through effects on endothelial cells, macrophages and vascular smooth muscle cells. He found protein kinase C β in endothelial cells promoted the development of atherosclerosis, whereas protein kinase C δ in macrophages inhibited the progression of atherosclerosis. Currently he is investigating the role of insulin receptor in vascular smooth muscle cells in atherosclerosis.