​Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee Documents and Forms

​The Joslin Animal Facilities provide housing, veterinary services and procurement of rodents for the researchers at Joslin.

​Animal Care & Use Policies & Procedures

Animal Care & Use Manual

IACUC Handbook


Protocol Application - Form that needs to be completed when submitting a new study or a 3-year protocol rewrite for review by the IACUC

Annual Renewal - Form that needs to be completed when submitting an annual renewal to the IACUC for a previously approved research study

Addendum - Form that needs to be completed when submitted an addendum to a previously approved research study.

Request to add New Member to Study Team - Form that needs to be completed to add a new member to an approved study's team.

ACUC Contact Information

Phone Number: 617-309-4329 or 617-309-4314

Fax Number: 617-309-2542

e-mail: IACUC@joslin.harvard.edu


​Animal Care & Use Training

All Joslin personnel involved in animal research must complete the Joslin Animal Care & Use Training Program.

The Joslin Program consists of three steps:

1. On-Line Training Modules and Review of the Facility Policy & Procedures Manual

2. Review of IACUC Approved Protocol(s)

3. Orientation of Animal Facility

Click here for a detailed description of each training step. 

Please note, step one and two must be completed before step three is completed.

Animal Resources/Facilities Forms

BL2 - Use this form for requesting use of adeno or lentivirus.

CRL Quarantine - Use this form along with a Joslin PO and source of health report to request quarantine at Charles River Laboratories (CRL).

CRL Shipping Request - Use this form for requesting shipment from Joslin CRL colonies to Joslin.

Export Form - Latest Health Report and Vet Statement to be sent to recipient institutions for their approval of Joslin exports.

HMS Import - Use this form to request import of HMS mice and schedule a blood collection for serological screening.

Isolation Request - Use this form to house animals that will not go into Joslin colonies (Must provide latest health report. Only clean animals will be accepted).

Internal Transfer - Use this form to request transfer between facility room or PI
Taconic Shipment Request - Use this form to request shipments to Joslin of Joslin colony mice housed at Taconic.

Terminal Import - Use this form to request shipment to Joslin labs for terminal experiments of clean animals that will enter the Joslin Animal Facilities.