​Learning and Training Opportunities


The academic environment at Joslin and the larger Harvard community provides varied and rich learning and training opportunities.       [photo credit Mark Flannery]

The Diabetes Research Center (DRC) funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is an important part of the Research Division at Joslin. Joslin’s DRC encourages the scientific development of young investigators by providing stable framework for conducting multi-disciplinary studies.

The DRC funds core laboratories designed to provide efficient, cost-effective support to all fellows and investigators. Core laboratories serve to help fellows become more productive in their efforts.​

​Enrichment Program

joslin-lecture-hall.jpgThe Enrichment Program includes three lectures per week during the academic year and several named lectures. This program is an integral part of postdoctoral and student training.  The program facilitates the exchange of research information and discussion among investigators and fellows within the Center, as well as between Joslin staff and researchers throughout the Boston area.  The three weekly seminars include:

* Longwood Clinical Diabetes and Metabolism Seminar Series (This series features a wide range of top national and international speakers.)

* Clinical Diabetes Metabolism Seminar

* Joslin Internal Research Seminar

>> View the current seminar schedule.

​Research Retreat

Every 2 years, the Joslin Research Division holds a Research Retreat.   Each laboratory has the opportunity to present recent findings, with time for feedback and questions after the talk and during intermissions and meals. In addition to a formal dinner, Joslin researchers display remarkable skills as the entertainment for the eventing. The research retreat provides an additional mechanism for Joslin researchers to exchange ideas and initiate fruitful collaborations.

​Summer Series

The Joslin offers a summer series addressing theory and practice in molecular and physiological techniques.  The objective of this series is to provide introduction, updates, and instruction in emerging or rapidly developing technologies with applications to diabetes research.

​Visiting Lecturers

marble-lecture-2013-150px.jpgIn addition to the weekly lectures, Joslin also sponsors three visiting lectureships each year (named for Dr. Priscilla White, Ray A. and Robert L. Kroc, and Dr. Alexander Marble). For each, a distinguished researcher may spend up to three days at Joslin giving one or more lectures, and meeting with fellows and staff. 

Each spring as part of the Marble Lecture Program, a formal evening dinner, usually held at the Harvard Club, provides fellows an opportunity to join colleagues for a lecture by a distinguished scientist.  Fellows and students who are competing their Joslin training receive their certificates during the evening. 

Summer Student ​​Program

>> Find out more about Joslin's Summer Student Program

Opportunities in the Harvard Community

As members of the Harvard Medical School community, Joslin Fellows may attend lectures at the Medical School and any of the affiliated research institutes, such as, the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital and others.