Tuesday Seminars

Tuesday seminars are held at Noon in the Samuelian Lecture Hall​.  These seminars are open to Joslin staff only.  A Joslin ID badge is required.

​Diabetes and Metabolism Research Seminar Series

The Diabetes and Metabolism Research Seminars are held on Thursdays at Noon in the Samuelian​ Lecture Hall.

22  Sep 12:00 PM

Thursday Seminar

No seminar

29  Sep 12:00 PM

Origins and function of human beige/brite adipose tissue

Silvia Corvera, M.D.

6  Oct 12:00 PM

32nd Annual Kroc Lectureship in Diabetes

Feng Zhang, PhD

13  Oct 12:00 PM

Dietary control of intestinal stem cells in obesity and aging

Omer Yilmaz, M.D., PhD

20  Oct 12:00 PM

Non-invasive Detection of Tissue Specific Cell Death in Vivo

Benjamin Glaser, M.D.

27  Oct 12:00 PM

The mTOR network: Nutrient sensing and metabolic regulation

Brendan D. Manning, PhD

3  Nov 12:00 PM

The Neural Wiring Diagram for Hunger - Using Cre/Lox Tools to Discover its Basis

Bradford B. Lowell, M.D., PhD

10  Nov 12:00 PM

Thursday Seminar

No seminar

17  Nov 12:00 PM

Thursday Seminar

24  Nov 12:00 PM

Thursday Seminar

No Seminar

1  Dec 12:00 PM

Tissue compartmentalization of human immune responses

Donna L. Farber, PhD

8  Dec 12:00 PM

DNA Methylation on Adenines and its role in Epigenetic Inheritance

Eric Greer, PhD

15  Dec 12:00 PM

The Role of ChREBP in Hepatic Insulin Resistance

Mark Andrew Herman, M.D.

22  Dec 12:00 PM

Thursday Seminar

No Seminar

29  Dec 12:00 PM

Thursday Seminar

No Seminar

5  Jan 12:00 PM

"Metabolic Control of Brain Excitability, and Dynamics of Brain Metabolism at the Cellular Level"

Roger A. Fielding, PhD

12  Jan 12:00 PM

“Neonatal diabetes and type 2 diabetes: insights from studies of the ATP-sensitive potassium channel”

Frances Ashcroft

19  Jan 12:00 PM

“Novel Lipid Mediators and Mechanisms in Resolution, Infection & Tissue Regeneration”

Charles Serhan, PhD, DSc

26  Jan 12:00 PM

“Metabolic Control of Brain Excitability, and Dynamics of Brain Metabolism at the Cellular Level”

Gary Yellen, PhD

2  Feb 12:00 PM

“Molecular and genetic analysis of the vagus nerve”

Stephen Liberles, PhD

9  Feb 12:00 PM

Thursday Seminar


16  Feb 12:00 PM

“Immunoregulatory Defects and Cellular Therapeutic Strategies in Type 1 Diabetes”

Todd M. Brusko, PhD

23  Feb 12:00 PM

“Genetic, Genomic and Epigenetic studies to Understand Diabetic Kidney Disease”

Katalin Susztak, M.D., PhD

2  Mar 12:00 PM

“Investigating Metabolic Disease with Human Pluripotent Stem Cells”

Chad Cowan, PhD

9  Mar 12:00 PM

Uncovering Human Biology with Single Cell Technologies

Paul Robson, PhD

16  Mar 12:00 PM

“The Neurobiology of Hunger”

Zachary Knight, PhD

23  Mar 12:00 PM

“Understanding how we get fat: Dietary regulation of adipogenesis”

Matthew Rodeheffer, PhD

30  Mar 12:00 PM

33rd Annual Priscilla White Lecturer on Metabolism

Jay Horton, M.D.

6  Apr 12:00 PM

Thursday Seminar

David Meyre, PhD

13  Apr 12:00 PM

Engineering the Artificial Pancreas

Frank Doyle